For the Chachi obsessed
Anonymous: was ian chachi's first bf?

He was the first human she dated while she was in the public eye, but I have no way of knowing if she’d dated other people before ABDC

Anonymous: Can you explain the Chachi vs Jasmine argument

I cannot, I don’t know anything about it.

Anonymous: like i know people hate on her because of her family issues but what i was wondering is why she gets hate for being immature what did she do to megan? and everyone is saying that she subtweeting

i dont have enough knowledge on the subject to tell you why or if that is true

Anonymous: why is chachi getting hate for what happened between her and her family?

Because people believe they have a say over all of her decisions just because they’re her fans, even though they are completely private to her life, and absolutely will never directly involve them.


Chachi being funny

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Friend:Who's your celebrity crush?
Me:Chachi Gonzales
Me:Why am I friends with you?

chachi - speakers going hammer (by sayeawesomenakmati)